Better Way to Stretch Your Glutes

Hip mobility is important for lower extremity and low back health. For rotational athletes, it is even more important for upper extremity health as well. Once common question we hear is that “How Can I Stretch My Glutes?” Many people have tried various ways such as the pigeon stretch or the figure 4 stretch,


Both of these can be options for people to use if they want to stretch their glutes, specifically the hip internal rotators, or the muscles that run underneath the glutes from the outside of their hip to the inside.

Often, we will hear that people will utilize these stretches and either don’t get a sufficient stretch in their glute or they are dealing with an uncomfortable sensation on the outside of their knee when performing these.

Like with anything, there can also be another way to do something that may be more effective for the person asking the question.

In comes the Quadruped Hip ER Mobilization

Quadruped Hip ER Mobilization:

Key Points:

-Keep low back flat.

-Cross one foot behind the opposite knee.

-Push hip back until stretch is felt in glute.

Now, with this type of stretch, some people will have a difficult time feeling the stretch in their glute. Since everyone is created slightly different in how we are all built, here are some more key points about this stretch.

Key Points:

-If you are trying to stretch your left glute, place your left ankle behind your right knee. Then push your left hip back towards approximately 7 o’clock. If you don’t feel a stretch, try pushing it back towards 630 or 6 or even 730, 8, etc.

-If you are trying to stretch your right glute, place your right ankle behind your left knee. Then push your right hip back towards approximately 5 o’clock. If you don’t feel a stretch, try pushing it back towards 430 or 4 or 530 or 6.

Typically, I will prescribe this for 2 reps x 30 seconds statically or if someone wants to do this before they play their sport or workout, it can be prescribed dynamically for 5-8 reps per side x 5 sec holds.

If you have been trying to find a better way to stretch your glutes, give the Quadruped Hip ER Mobilization a try!

Andrew Millett