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“Andrew Millett did an excellent job working with me so that I could continue to do the things I wanted to do including playing golf, working out and running.  I noticed improvements with my bad knee even after the first session with Andrew and within a few months I was back to doing all the things I wanted to do.  He taught me many exercises that I could do on my own.  I would definitely recommend Andrew to someone in need of physical therapy.  He was a pleasure to work with.  - DA

“Andrew is a fantastic physical therapist. He listens carefully, explains why he is recommending various exercises clearly and simply, and adjusts his recommendations based on the feedback I give him. And he cares. I have really enjoyed working with him for various issues I have had with my back and neck. Highly recommended!” -ML

“I highly recommend Andrew for physical therapy treatment. I’ve had PT in the past that was very hands-off, which turned into a very frustrating experience that did not entirely resolve my issues in the end. My experience with Andrew was the complete opposite. The sessions were informative, he was responsive throughout the process and adjusted his approach as needed during each session to keep up with any changes or progress with my particular issue. Each session provided me with the necessary guidance to work on my shoulder through soft tissue work, dry-needling, and at-home movements. I was appreciative of his professionalism and attentiveness in both emails (descriptions of movements and video clips) and checkups outside of the sessions to help keep me on track. I also appreciated that he worked with my coach/gym to incorporate the most effective movements to continue to improve and strengthen my shoulder beyond the PT work done together.” - SE

“To call Andrew a great PT is a gross understatement- he's exceptional. I started treatment with Andrew due to an injury that required PT 2-3x a week for several months. Each session I was greeted with optimism, professionalism and enthusiasm. I went from no mobility and no feeling in my arm to a being able to resume full activity and range of motion. Andrew took time to write out the at-home protocols and sent videos of specific movements to help me along towards my treatment goals. When I was cleared to go back to lifting, Andrew took the time to review lift modifications and support my goal to return to the gym. Now, Andrew periodically checks in to see how I am progressing! I encourage anyone seeking PT to seek out Andrew's comprehensive, top-notch services.” - LB

“I cannot say enough good things about Andrew Millet and his Move Strong Physical Therapy program!
I am a professional equestrian athlete and have worked with many physical therapists in the past without much success.

“I am so glad that I found "Move Strong PT". I went to Andrew with a recurring shoulder issue, after 3 injections had only worked as a temporary fix. He immediately diagnosed the cause of the problem and having worked with many sports professionals and athletes, gave me a realistic exercise program to strengthen and stabilize my shoulder. He also worked on my shoulder with manual therapy to get the movement back, that I had lost. Within a few visits I already had a much better range of motion and my shoulder was feeling great! Andrew's method of therapy is efficient and effective with lasting results! Today my shoulder feels better than ever! Andrew's follow up is another A+. No more sheets of paper with stick figure diagrams for exercises but actual video that you can refer to each time to make sure that you are using correct form and getting the most benefit from the exercise. Scheduling is also very easy, as your appointment is sent immediately to your icalendar.
Lastly, Andrew was readily available to answer any questions that I had between appointments. Best PT experience ever! I highly recommend him!” - LC

"As a CrossFitter, rest and recovery are important aspects of giving 100%. I was experiencing shoulder and elbow pain and wasn't able to fix it on my own. Andrew was highly recommended to me by others at my box, so I called and made an appointment. I'm so glad I did! Andrew evaluated my mobility throughout PT and helped me with a combination of dry needling, body work, and exercises. He taught me where my personal weaknesses and areas to watch are, and how to help myself perform better before and after a workout. In just a few months the pain is virtually gone and I'm back to being able to do everything without scaling. I definitely recommend him to other CrossFit athletes who want to get back to working out pain free!" - JB

"Andrew, this email is obviously long overdue but I wanted to write and let you know how much I appreciated having you as my physical therapist and your ability to bring me back from two painful injuries.  You not only got me back, but I'm now better off.  You've been a major asset in helping me get back to a place where I am healthy enough to reach my personal fitness goals." - EP

"I recently completed my 1st Tough Mudder, and could not have done this without Andrew.  Throughout my early training, severe calf muscle pain stopped me from running more than 1.5 miles.  Andrew recommended dry needling and it worked almost immediately to eliminate the pain, enabling me to prepare for and successfully complete the 12 mile course.  Andrew was thorough in his diagnosis, communicated very clearly, and a pleasure to work with.  I can't recommend anyone more highly than Andrew for any PT work." -RC

"I started working with Andrew at Move Strong Physical Therapy when I hurt my back. His expertise, intelligence and overall understanding of my injury was incredible. Whether I was being treated through dry needling, soft tissue work, stretching or exercises, I always felt confident that I was making progress and healing. Currently, I am done with physical therapy and working out with a trainer! A few months ago I would never have thought I'd be where I am now. Incredible!" -NL

"Great experience working with Andrew...very caring and knowledgeable. He did an awesome job helping me with my ACL Recovery so I could get my strength back and return to the field as soon as possible." -PM

"Great personalized service and great results to help with injuries and to keep them from recurring. The best experience I've had with physical therapy. I highly recommend working with Andrew!" -RT

"Andrew gives great personalized service, I always felt I was progressing. Best physical therapist out there." -JZ